Roy Van Der Laars

Roy used Photoshop to shape his ideas and determine the composition of his work. He then set to work choosing the right materials and colours to bring his designs to life.

Roy's artistic journey is a testament to his evolution as a skilled and passionate artist. Previously a seasoned graphic designer, he felt a magnetic pull towards the fascinating world of modern art. With an unwavering commitment to his newfound passion, Roy devoted himself wholeheartedly to exploring this expressive style and immersed himself in its intricacies and subtleties.

His extensive experience as a graphic designer gave Roy a wealth of knowledge about different materials and techniques, which he eagerly applied to his pursuit of modern art. He embarked on a creative process that began in the digital world, using the versatile tool Photoshop to shape his imaginative ideas and carefully shape the composition of his artworks. Guided by his artistic instincts, Roy carefully selected materials and colours, bringing his designs to life. Achieving a harmonious interplay between colour, shape and texture became an essential aspect of his creative ethos.

Nature was a boundless source of inspiration for Roy and he eagerly sought its embrace by venturing into the world's most awe-inspiring locations. Armed with his trusty laptop, he seamlessly merged his art with the surrounding landscape and worked on his masterpieces on the spot. It was during these immersive experiences that he fearlessly experimented with a range of materials such as paint, wood, metal and epoxy. Skillfully blending these elements together, Roy managed to create extraordinary works of art with his signature style.

Roy's artistic prowess was not limited to one location. His mesmerising creations crossed borders and captivated a global audience. His artworks could be found in prestigious galleries, where they blended seamlessly with the work of other acclaimed artists. In addition, Roy actively participated in prestigious art fairs that attracted visitors from all over the world. These prominent platforms allowed him to showcase his talent, connect with fellow artists and confirm his presence in the global art scene.

One destination that featured Roy's artistic journey prominently was the bustling city of Dubai. Due to the city's cultural dynamism and fervent embrace of contemporary art, Roy's fascinating works found a receptive audience in this cosmopolitan hub. The evocative fusion of his artistic vision and the awe-inspiring environment of the city created a mesmerising synergy that enchanted viewers and left an indelible mark on their hearts.

Roy's growth as an artist has been marked by unwavering dedication, meticulous craftsmanship and an unquenchable thirst for innovation. His journey, which began as a graphic designer, has evolved into a profound exploration of modern art.

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