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Stevie Chow finds inspiration in exploring how language shapes our perceptions and experiences of the world. In this artwork, he pays homage to his original "keep it simple" painting from his "Money Series" exhibition, which was virtually hosted by Gallery 23 NY in 2021. The artist emphasises that "keep it simple" is a crucial mindset for living a good life, as it allows us to prioritise our own goals and not be influenced by external noise. Characterised by bold simplicity, this work serves as a positive reminder to focus on what we can control and not dwell on the things we cannot control. The acrylic letters and background are hand-painted on a birch wood panel and finished with glitter and resin.

Stevie Chow is a self-taught artist who uses a combination of acrylic paint, resin and found objects to create stunning large-format paintings that serve as visual clues to a good life. He draws his inspiration from a childhood spent exploring the world, which made him curious about what it takes to live a fulfilling life. After working in the corporate world, Stevie made the bold decision to leave everything behind and pursue his passion for art.

In 2020, Stevie's work caught the attention of several influential entrepreneurs in the United States, leading to an increase in demand for his artworks. This resulted in two successful solo exhibitions in New York and charity auctions that raised a total of almost a million dollars by the end of 2021.

Despite some long-term problems with substance abuse, Stevie took some time off in 2022 to address these issues and he is back with a renewed outlook on life and art. He is excited to unveil a new collection of works that reflect his personal and artistic growth and show his evolution as an artist.

Dimensions122 x 122 cm

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