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Discover the captivating allure of Yaniv Edery's artwork "Monkey Face", an alluring mix of resin, acrylic and varnish to create a striking 3D impact. The monkey's face, complete with a smouldering cigarette, takes on a lifelike quality through the intricate use of depth and texture. The monkey's cheeky expression adds an element of mischief and character to the artwork, making it truly unique.

Step into the world of Yaniv Edery, a self-taught artist whose exceptional artworks are guaranteed to captivate you. Born in Monaco, Yaniv's artistic vision is a perfect blend of technology and art, resulting in a distinctive technique unparalleled in the field of art.

Renowned all over the world, Yaniv's art is characterised by his impeccable use of a range of techniques such as Swarovski, lustre, acrylic and resin. These techniques blend seamlessly to create an unparalleled effect, giving his artworks a lifelike quality that is simply breathtaking.

Using a combination of colours and textures, Yaniv's art attests to his unique style. His works are a feast for the eyes, with each angle revealing a new depth and complexity. The metallic and lacquered finish of his artworks adds an extra layer of enchantment, creating different effects that are sure to mesmerise you.

Yaniv's artworks have attracted the attention of collectors around the world, including well-known figures such as Rafael Nadal, Charles Leclerc, Prince of Monaco and King of Qatar. Collaborations with renowned artists like Mr Garcin, Jonas Leriche, Monika Nowak and Tchoba showcase his immense talent.

Yaniv's exhibitions have been held in different parts of the world, from the US and Mexico to Switzerland and Dubai. Experiencing his artworks in person is an opportunity not to be missed. It is a chance to witness the unparalleled technique that has made Yaniv a standout artist. Owning a piece of his unique artwork is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Dimensions100 x 100 cm

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