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Experience the captivating charm of Yaniv Edery's artwork "Panda Face", created with an extraordinary combination of resin, acrylic and varnish to achieve a stunning 3D effect. The panda face, with its mesmerising facial features and lifelike texture, comes to life in a remarkable way that makes it seem almost tangible.

Discover the fascinating artistry of Yaniv Edery, a self-taught artist from Monaco whose passion for art and technology is unparalleled. Yaniv's technique is unique and gives his works a lifelike quality that is simply breathtaking.

Using a combination of techniques such as resin, gloss, Swarovski and acrylic, Yaniv creates colours and textures that are completely unique to his art. The intricate details and impressive reliefs are enhanced by a metallic and lacquered finish that gives a different effect depending on the viewing angle.

Yaniv's art has attracted the attention of collectors around the world, including such high-profile figures as Charles Leclerc, Prince of Monaco, King of Qatar and Rafael Nadal. Collaborations with talented artists like Mr Garcin, Jonas Leriche, Monika Nowak and Tchoba showcase his immense talent.

Experience Yaniv's art in person by visiting one of his exhibitions around the world, from the US and Mexico to Switzerland and Dubai. Witness the unparalleled technique that sets Yaniv apart from other artists and own a work of art that is truly unique.

Dimensions100 x 100 cm

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