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Stevie Chow's visual style is consistently characterised by the use of text prompts, which can be found throughout his body of past and present works. Intended to create a dialogue about simple but valuable life lessons, "HERE FOR THE MEMORIES..." is an excellent example of Stevie's artistic approach. This painting is part of his collection of Mickey-themed works, which was originally the centrepiece of his last solo exhibition entitled "Exploration Of Mickey," held in Manhattan, NY in 2021. A certificate of authenticity is included.

Stevie Chow's art encourages us to prioritise a meaningful life. Through his use of acrylic paint, resin and found objects, Stevie creates breathtaking paintings that serve as reminders of the importance of seeking fulfilment. A self-taught artist, Stevie's work is rooted in his childhood exploring the world, which instilled in him a deep curiosity about what it means to live a life that truly matters.

Since leaving the corporate world to pursue his passion, Stevie's art has caught the attention of influential entrepreneurs in the United States, resulting in two successful solo exhibitions in New York and nearly a million dollars in charity auctions at the end of 2021. Despite a hiatus in 2022 to deal with substance abuse issues, Stevie has returned with a fresh perspective and a new collection of works that show his continued growth and development as an artist.

Dimensions122 × 183 cm

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