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If you are looking to invest directly in the art world, we offer an extensive collection of works to purchase. Each work of art has been carefully selected by our expert team to ensure an authentic and valuable addition to your collection, whether for personal enjoyment or as a business investment.

Rental & rent-to-own


We understand that purchasing art can be a significant investment, and offer flexible but particularly attractive rental options. This unique service is ideal for both individuals and businesses. Our rental option allows you to rent artwork with the option to purchase it after an agreed upon term. This program is ideal for businesses looking to spruce up their office or commercial spaces. The rental option for businesses comes with tax benefits, making renting art attractive not only aesthetically, but also financially. Businesses can enjoy these benefits, making art more accessible while also making it a smart investment.

Investing in Art with Your Company

At Vision XR Gallery we understand that art has not only an aesthetic, but also a financial value. That’s why we have a special formula for businesses: Artwork rental with an option to purchase. This option is designed to provide businesses with flexibility for their investment in art, bringing the beauty of art to your space as well as providing tax benefits.

Spread investment

The cost of your art investment is spread over several months (12 to 60), making the investment easier to manage for your business and taking full advantage of tax deductions.

100% deductible as a business expense

Each rental amount is considered a business expense, which is fully deductible. You can record each rental payment as a deductible expense from your taxable profit, reducing your business' financial burden.

An artistic upgrade for your business

In addition to the financial benefits, our option offers the unique opportunity to give your office space or commercial spaces an artistic upgrade. Besides improving the appearance of your surroundings, this can also contribute to an inspiring work atmosphere.

How it works

Our rent-to-own formula is simple and transparent, with a configurator that instantly shows you how financing artworks through a rent-to-own option works.


Enter basic information

Enter some essential information, such as the length of the rental period  and the estimated value of the artwork.


Instant insights

After entering your information, we’ll immediately send you an summary by email. This summary provides a clear picture of the financing options and tax benefits available to your business.


Personal advice

We also offer the opportunity to get further personalized advice if required. Our team is ready to guide you through each step and answer any questions you may have.


Try it out now

By following these simple steps, you can quickly and easily discover the benefits and possibilities of our rent-to-own formula, tailored to your company’s specific needs and financial situation.

Example simulation*

Below you can find example of the rent-to-buy formula

Duration 12 months

Duration 24 months

Duration 36 months

Amount: €20,000

Monthly rent: €1.133 excl. VAT

Monthly rent: €592 excl. VAT

Monthly rent: €411 excl. VAT

Amount: €20,000

Step 1

Payment of deposit**


without VAT

Step 2

Amount to be redeemed

Monthly administrative cost


excl. VAT


excl. VAT

Step 2

Amount to be redeemed


excl. VAT

Monthly administrative cost


excl. VAT

Step 3

Purchase option

+ refund of deposit**


excl. VAT

**At the expiration of the rental contract, the deposit will be refunded. The deposit is not taxed with VAT.

*This simulation serves as an example only and may differ from reality.

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