Stevie Chow

Chow’s colorful paintings often depict cartoon characters and contain uplifting phrases intended to bring joy to the viewer.

Stevie Chow, a self-taught artist from Canada, is known for his dynamic works that combine acrylic, resin, serigraphy and found objects. His vibrant creations, often enriched with cartoon characters and uplifting phrases, are an expression of his unique vision, inspired by icons such as George Condo and Mr. Thief, as well as by his background as a rock and roll musician. Chow, who lives and works in Calgary, strives to create art that brings positivity into our everyday environment, an ethos rooted in his own need for positive affirmations.

His works are recognized for their ability to generate positive energy. They have attracted international attention and adorn both public and private collections worldwide. Chow’s art explores the boundaries between pop culture, street art and conceptual art, focusing on the contradictions between material and spiritual fulfillment. His style is instantly recognizable through its bright colors, bold lines and inspiring text, and invites viewers to appreciate the complexity and depths hidden behind polished surfaces.

His early fascination with the impact of material wealth versus personal happiness is a recurring theme in his work. This curiosity was further developed through extensive travel in his youth, allowing him to experience a wide range of cultures and to develop a deep appreciation for diverse perspectives. After a period of self-exploration and a significant career switch from oil and gas engineer to fully dedicated artist, Chow has rediscovered his lifelong passion for art.

Vision XR Gallery is pleased to present Stevie Chow’s compelling works. His exhibition with us is a testament to his artistic journey and ability to inspire and enrich viewers with his thoughtful and colorful compositions. We invite you to experience the vibrant and positive world of Stevie Chow, whose art continues to resonate and inspire far beyond the boundaries of the conventional.

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Friday, March 1 through 3, 2024