Yaniv Edery

Yaniv is passionate about art and technique, and established after years of study a process that is unique and gives his work an impressive lifelike quality and relief.

Yaniv Edery, a self-taught artist from Monaco (°1977), is recognized worldwide for his unique and elegant techniques that seamlessly combine art and technology. With a deep passion for art, Edery has developed an unparalleled technique that really brings his works to life and gives them an amazing relief. His art, a fusion of gloss, resin, Swarovski crystals and acrylic, produces unprecedented colors and impressive reliefs, giving each piece a unique metallic and lacquered look that changes with every viewing angle.

Edery’s art has attracted the attention of collectors worldwide, including such prominent figures as Rafael Nadal, Charles Leclerc and the Prince of Monaco. He has successfully collaborated with artists such as Mr. Garcin, Jonas Leriche, Monika Nowak and others.

His work has been exhibited in prestigious venues around the world, from the U.S. and Mexico to Switzerland and Dubai, and has been highlighted at events such as Art Basel Miami, where he had the honor of reproducing James Rizzi. As the opening artist for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and a representative at leading art fairs such as Scope, Yaniv Edery continues to inspire the art world with his innovative techniques and breathtaking creations.

Vision XR Gallery is pleased and proud to exhibit Yaniv Edery in our premises, where his exceptional works are part of our carefully selected collection that embodies the beauty and innovation of modern art.

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