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In his latest collection of works, Stevie Chow draws inspiration from exploring the role language plays in shaping our perceptions and experiences of the world. As the artist puts it, "Ask For What You Want" is a playful and bold conversation piece that reflects the importance of focus and courage. He uses a wide range of materials, including acrylic, glitter, vinyl cut letters and money, all encapsulated in a resin finish on a birch wood panel.

Stevie Chow is a self-taught artist who uses acrylic paint, resin and found objects to create large-scale paintings that serve as visual clues to a good life. His work stems from a childhood spent exploring the world, which triggered a deep curiosity about what creates a good life. After a stint in the corporate world, he left everything behind to start making art.

In 2020, Stevie's work began to find its way into the collections of several influential entrepreneurs in the United States, leading to rapid growth in demand, two subsequent solo exhibitions from New York and charity auctions that had raised nearly a million dollars by the end of 2021.

After a short break in 2022 to address some long-running issues with substance abuse, he has re-emerged with a renewed perspective and is ready to unveil a collection of new works that reflect a clear maturation as an artist.

Dimensions154.5 x 124.5 cm

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