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Stevie Chow's art draws inspiration from word clues and explores how language shapes our perception of the world. His work "What You Appreciate... Appreciates" playfully highlights the tension between fulfilling our basic needs and pursuing our ambitions. The work uses different materials, such as acrylic, glitter and money, encapsulated in resin on a 122 cm x 122 cm birch wood panel, framed in glossy black and provided with a certificate of authenticity. Through his art, Stevie challenges viewers to think about what is most important in life.

Stevie Chow's art invites us to live our lives to the full. Using acrylic paint, resin and found objects, his large-scale paintings are fascinating and serve as a visual reminder of the importance of pursuing fulfilment. A self-taught artist, Stevie's work is inspired by his childhood, which was marked by a spirit of enquiry and curiosity about what makes life truly fulfilling.

Since leaving the corporate world to pursue his passion, Stevie's art has caught the attention of influential entrepreneurs in the United States, leading to two successful solo exhibitions in New York and nearly a million dollars in charity auctions at the end of 2021. Despite struggling with substance abuse in 2022, Stevie has emerged with a renewed sense of purpose and a new collection of works that show his continued growth and development as an artist.

Dimensions122 x 122 cm

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